About Us

Bridges Angus Farm, LLC, represents three generations of Bridges committed to protein production through improved genetics.

Since 2005, BAF, LLC, has focused on developing superior cattle in demand by the commercial beef producer through the genetic improvement of Angus seedstock. Our embryo transfer program, extensive use of A.I., (100% since 2005), and philosophy of using high accuracy, proven genetics have enabled us to “fast track” our improvements.

We know that by using the science and technology available at our fingertips, we can breed cattle that meet the diverse demands of the beef industry, from reproduction efficiency, feedlot efficiency and carcass merit. We follow a rigorous health and vaccination protocol. All calves have tested negative for PI-BVD and have been calfhood vaccinated.

Bridges Angus Farms is truly a family operation. Our cattle sell 100% guaranteed. We intend to breed performance cattle, guarantee them to work for you and offer our assistance in marketing your calf crop. If we can be of assistance in improving the genetics in your operation, please give us a call.

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