The Bridges Brand Guarantee

We guarantee that all breeding cattle sold by Bridges Angus Farm, both bulls and females, are fertile to the best of our knowledge. If a bull is injured at any time in the 12 months following the sale so as to make them functionally infertile, we will provide you with a satisfactory replacement (if available), or issue you a credit equal to the bull’s purchase price minus an assigned salvage value of $2,000.00 for that bull. If a female is determined to be a non-breeder, then we would ask you to sell her and would offer you the difference of her purchase price minus an assigned salvage value of $2,000.00 credit in any future Bridges Angus Farm Production sale. All credit is good until it is used and does not expire. We would simply ask you to contact us before you cull your infertile animal. All claims for credit must be documented and certifed by a licensed veterinarian as proof of injury.

This is not a life insurance policy, however. We will not replace a dead animal if it is killed or dies for any reason. We would suggest that normal care still needs to be exercised toward these animals and that particularly the yearling bulls not be allowed to get too thin.


TO QUALIFY for the 12 month Bridges Brand Guarantee the average purchase price must meet a minimum of $3000. Purchases made at auction that do not meet the minimum threshold of $3,000.00 will be covered under a 30 day warranty. At any time during the 30 day warranty period, the customer may choose to upgrade to the 12 month warranty by paying the difference between $3000 and the purchase price.

  • Sight Unseen Guarantee

    We offer a sight unseen guarantee which means we pick out the best bull available based on your needs and guarantee your satisfaction on phenotype.

  • Repeat Customer Discount

    We offer a 5% discount to our loyal bull customers that purchase bulls annually. To be eligible, at least one bull must be purchased every 12 months.

  • Volume Discount

    We offer a 5% discount to our volume bull customers that purchase at least 10 bulls per transaction.

  • Free Delivery

    We offer free delivery on all purchases females and bulls or a $100 discount if the animal is picked up at the time of purchase. Common sense applies here! We will NOT ship one $3000-$5000 animal to the west coast for free. The total purchase price must justify the shipping expense!

  • Boarding Available

    We offer 90 days free board on YEARLING BULLS. The Bridges Brand Guarantee begins at the time of sale.


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